A Girls Dream…wedding!

Hi Guys!

I’ve gotta give credit where credits due, Jenny definitely inspired this post. Not long ago, she posted about her dream wedding and I’ve been wanting to share mine ever since! 

I’m not going to lie, when I was thinking about writing this post… I had a couple revelations. A lot of the things I always wanted, I don’t want anymore. I reallyyyyy thought about what I truly want, and this is it guys!

I want a small wedding for sure. I’m hoping for under 100 people total. I used to think that I wanted this grand, formal wedding and… I really don’t anymore. 

I’ve had a tumblr for years, and one day I found this picture.

This picture is the inspiration for what I imagine as my ‘dream wedding‘. 


Quick side story – I was texting Jenny while writing this and telling her how I’m surprised with myself because I changed a lot of decisions I thought I was set in stone on… to which she replied “it’s okay to change your mind”… get yoself a virgo people! 😉 HOWEVER, when she reads this… I know she won’t be surprised. 🙂

the color theme:

I chose to share this one first, due to the fact this was the biggest change. I always thought I wanted a very formal black and white wedding. Now… I’m sure that I want an all white wedding. 



This has remained the same. White roses! Alllllll the white roses. I also love white peonies and babys breath. For centerpieces, I really like the idea of short stemmed white roses in glass vases. 


As for the bouquet, I want a combination of white roses and white peonies. Something exactly like this…


the dress and hair:

Ever since I’ve seen this dress, I’ve been in love. This is it! Must. Find. This. One thing remains consistent with the dress… it must have lace!


as for my hair, I keep going back and forth. I would want everything with the wedding to be “soft” looking, so I’m leaning towards very loose waves, with my hair down, and a braid incorporated somehow. TO BE DETERMINED 🙂


bridal party:

Guys, I swear I would be fine standing up there with only Jenny next to me. I do not feel the need for a huge wedding party at all. We’ll see where my life is at when it happens, but I foresee a small wedding party. I do want the girls in a light gray though, with a very ‘soft’ up-do to contrast my hair being down. 🙂



the ring:

The ring design is something that has also changed with time. I used to want a halo design. Now, my dream ring set looks exacccctly like this 🙂 (and I know this won’t be changing!)

3 Ct total weight 2 Ct Center Diamond Natural GIA Certified $19,995

the sweets:

I’m not a huge cake person, but I do want a cake. I would want something simple and similar to these…


& I definitely want a cupcake tree of cupcakes like these, decorated to look like white roses!



the honeymoon:

The honeymoon destination is still up in the air. One thing I know for sure is that I want to leave for my honeymoon ideally within a couple days after the wedding. There’s a very high chance I’ll do an extended European vacation, but a beach destination sounds appealing too. 

If it was a beach destination, I would definitely check off a bucket list trip and do the islands off Thailand…. but, I’d also take a two week Euro tour.  😉



This was soooo fun to share with you guys! I’m dying to hear about your dream weddings, or if you’re already married… I’d love to hear about your special day! What was your color theme, what style dress did you choose!? If you did a post on your wedding, be sure to let me know!



5 thoughts on “A Girls Dream…wedding!

  1. Thank you, it was so fun!!!! I just went over to check out yours, and I love it! The butterfly theme is so soft & feminine. I looooove the hairstyle you chose, that is what I would love but I know I don’t have all that hair for it :\ tomorrow is dream home – make sure you do that one, I’d love to check it out! 🙂


  2. OMG I’m shocked you don’t want your formal black and white wedding! Which makes me a teeny tiny bit sad because I was looking forward to a black MOH dress. I loveee “I’d be okay with just Jenny up there” lmao Also I’ll be pleased with a small wedding because saying my speech in front of a crowd makes me nervous. I’ll just have to have Teresa up there with me for moral support haha Nevertheless I love the white wedding idea, its definitely true to Brittney fashion- classy elegant! I cannot wait for this dayyyyyyy EEEK!!!!

    xo, JJ


  3. A white wedding has never crossed my mind and seeing your dream wedding it looks so endearing! I love the lace detail on your wedding dress. My friend came back from her honeymoon and they went to Thailand. She said if was the best trip of her life. Great post!


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