Excited To Be Back!

Hi guys!

I’m exciting to be writing this. I’ve been busy handling a lot of different things in my life, and maybe one day I’ll go into those details. For now, I’m excited to get back into the routine of sharing my days!

I’d say that some quick highlights of my past couple months have been…

finally getting my hair to the color/shade/balayage that I’ve been wanting! It’s been a long, longggg road so can I get an AMEN ladies?!?!



reuniting with my best friend! check out her blog – here!


in February, I visited Florida!


…annnnd Universal Studios (for the first time!) I will say, I had SO much fun… but I’m definitely a Disney girl.


This was just a brief recap of the past several weeks –  more detailed posts to come!

I’m expecting a package at my door today or tomorrow… so there may be a girlie-girl makeup haul in our futures y’all!


One thought on “Excited To Be Back!

  1. Hey girl, I just came to your blog because Jenny mentioned you in her latest thoughts/whatnots post. I’d love to see more of your blogpost, especially that make-uphaul you are going to write! I really liked this short post of yours. Eventhough I haven’t seen/ read any of your other blogposts YET, I loved it! Wish you a happy Sunday! xoxo


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