Meet My Best Friend!

Today, you guys are going to meet my best friend! I’ll let her introduce herself… 😉

If you hop on over to her page which will be linked in this post, she’s interviewing HER best friend… which may be myself 😉 🙂


Q: Introduce yourself & who are you to me. 

A: I’m Jenny and I dub myself Britt’s best friend, other half, sissy 🙂

Q: If you could be in any other career, what would you want to do?

A: Well, my ultimate dream job would be to travel the world, experience new cultures, taste new foods, and have my own show about it with Britt by my side. I think that we’d be pretty entertaining. Not to mention, when her and I are together, we have some pretty odd interactions with people that would be worthy of being caught on tape. I swear, sometimes we’re just like okay where the hidden cameras? Are we on “What Would You Do?”

Q: Most wanted luxury purchase?

A: Britt got me hooked on those Cartier Love Bracelets, in gold please….or one of each.

Q: Something that drives you crazy that I do? (hehe)

A: Oh man LOL. Alright, where do I start? Kidding! She drives me crazy when, she is in a dilemma and asks “what do I do” or “how should I do it” when the answer is quite CLEAR, FRANK, and SIMPLE to get her out of the dilemma but she doesn’t do it and continues to just go on with it, making the situation worse. And she totaaaaally 100% knows what references I’m referring to!

Q: Your favorite memory of us… (& photo!)

A: I’m really not sure how I’m suppose to choose just one… But I loved our days just cruising around with the windows down and blasting music. Our very first trip to MV and that time we snapped Santi and Ashlee on our way up and they snapped us back! Anddd all of our adventures in Boston; when we would drive up to Alewife and go frolic all day long.


Q: 2017 goals for our friendship [trips, experiences, etc]

A: MV, Nantucket, and somewhere where we have to fly on a plane- preferably Cali, because I’m so certain that we’re just meant to adventure over there together.

Q: You have a brand new car, no loan… what are you driving?

A: My taste of cars have been changing but as of right now a white Mercedes-Benz SUV orrr I’d totally be okay with matching white Range Rovers.

Q: What is the last thing we’re talking about in text message? If appropriate – screen shot.

A: LOL the last like 3 things you sent me are definitely not for other peoples viewing….but before that…


Q: List your top 3 material items you can’t live without.

A: Can clothes and shoes already be given, bc if so…Iphone, bed, my car

Q: Celebrity crush?!

A: ugh, I don’t have one lol

Q: Recap an average day in the life:

A: My winter version: Alarm set for 7, get out of bed 7:27, get ready for work, work 8-5, go home, make dinner/go out to dinner with Andrew, and snugs for the rest of the night.




img_0883 img_8017


I could go on and on with pictures of the two of us. I have thousands spanning years! When you have a friendship like ours, I have no doubt that there’s thousands more to come.

Love you!

4 thoughts on “Meet My Best Friend!

  1. Ahh, loved your pictures!! You guys look both so cute, hihi! I got to know Jenny better, which is nice because she is cool! And now I’ll be hopping over to her blog to get to know you better! Hihi, I just love to get to know people through blogposts like these. That always so much fun. Great idea by the way, interviewing each other. 🙂


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