Attention All Readers!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is being productive this Monday morning just like I am…at my desk… researching e-readers… 😉

I usually like to post on here about things that I love, or a visual diary of my life, but today... I need some help from  you guys!

This has been a major struggle for me for years and alas, here I am. I need any help and experience you guys have! 

I’m a huge reader. I love to read, always have, always will. I rebelled against any form of e-reader for years and refused to read from anything that wasn’t a paper book. A few years back, my boyfriend got me an iPad, and I’ve downloaded and read a few books on it thus far.

My thoughts? Ehhhh. It’s cool, I don’t mind it, but I think reading via iPad is more complicated. It’s large, it’s heavy, it doesn’t fit comfortably in my purse. I find myself reaching for it most when I’m on vacation, or traveling.

I’ve come to the point where I’m right on the edge of trying a new e-reader. From what I’ve read, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Kindle.

I see the most common e-readers are Kindle products and Nook products. From what I gather, this is basically just Amazon vs B&N.

I think I like this one. This is the Kindle Paperwhite. What appeals to me about it is that it’s small, and it’s anti-glare. This was my #1 complaint reading from iPad. If I was at the beach, I didn’t stand a chance in reading anything on my screen.

Image result for nook glowlight plus

I see that Nook also has something similar to the Paperwhite, called the NOOK GlowLight Plus. Seems pretty comparable to the Kindle.

These e-readers range in price from $80-$290, but the one’s I’m looking at fall around the $120-130 mark. I definitely don’t want to waste $120, and I feel like preference on these would be something that would come from experience.

I’m hoping some of you have experience in these and can shed some insight on what I should do… or not do! Do I even give e-readers a second chance?!

HELP please! ❤


4 thoughts on “Attention All Readers!

  1. Hi Britt, I was dead set against getting an e-reader, but my boyfriend bought me one and I would not be without it, my library is totally portable and I can read wherever I am. I still love the feel of a proper book but for ease, a Kindle is the way to go x


    1. Hi Vicki! Thanks so much for the feedback… I’m sooo hesitant to get on the e-reader bandwagon, but the more I read about them the more appealing they sound…I think I’m going to give it a try. The Kindle sounds like the perfect size for my purse…and I like the idea of being able to download books on the go. If you have any good books you recommend, do share! Xox


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