2016 in photos [Jan-June]

Hi Guys!

When browsing through all of your blog posts, my first stop is always Jenny (best friend bias ;)) This week she did a post recapping 2016 month-by-month through photos. I loved the post… so I figured I’d do my own! As you guys know, I’m a picture junkie. I can’t choose just ONE photo per month 😉 so I’m going to have to divide this post into 6 month sections… So here is my first 6 months of the year in photos 🙂



Football…lots of New England Patriots playoff football. (The hair though…!!! So dark)



Yay for baby showers! New nephew time is sooner than we expect:)


Work events & dinner dates


March (was a blessed month ❤ )


Carter Thomas was born on March 20, 2016 ❤

& my mom welcomed this new baby into the family! (can’t believe how dark my hair was!)


had some best friend time ❤



April is my love’s birthday month!


Birthday lovinz ❤

& we (strongly influenced by myself) decided on a birthday trip to Newport, RI to see the mansions! Neither one of us had ever done this very popular tourist activity for New Englanders.

THIS VIEW!!!!!!!!


this girl loooooves some copper in the kitchen. *swoon*


mansion style antique mirror selfie!


lastly, April was the month I began my hair lightening process… this was phase 1 of manymanymany (to be continued…)



May was a busy month! Summertime…commence!

My little brother looked SO handsome at his senior prom 🙂


We decided to take the boys to LegoLand, which is right outside Boston.

It started like this….

and ended like this….! #signsofafunday


A little Mumma lovin’ on Mother’s Day 2016


Best face swap of 2016 goes to this one… Jenny and I still can’t handle this picture to this day…hahaha!



June is the best month of the year because, well… birthday month! (Gemini Season!)

This month was crazy crazy busy… On June 1st we jetted off to Florida for some sunshine state time with Hector’s family 🙂

This was the sunset over the ocean from 35,000 feet up. Little known fact about myself, I loooveee a good mid-flight sunset. 


This was a GORGEOUS state park in Florida called Rainbow Springs. Nearby there was a lazy river where you could rent floats and float for hours. *PROBABLY THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY TRIP!* 😉


High School Graduation #1 – Hector’s sister Lorena!


we flew home, and a couple days later was my little brother’s high school graduation!

Congrats to The Bromfield School class of 2016! ❤


my boys! ❤ ❤


two days after that… my 25th birthday 🙂 ❤

birthday lovins’


can we all just take a second to appreciate Jenny’s birthday gift? THOSE MACAROONS THO! (& even better… a massage date!)

birthday shopping trip thanks to MUM! ❤


and the festivities continued at work… I’m so blessed for all the people who love and care about me!


the next phase of my hair lightening… I had been packing dark brunette dye in my hair for a while, so it’s been quite the struggle breaking through the pigment to get it to lighten…


These posts make me so happy! Looking back, I had the BEST year ❤

I’ll be back tomorrow to finish off the last 6 months!


One thought on “2016 in photos [Jan-June]

  1. I will say this 34958969953 times but you’re hair dark looked SO SO SOOO good. I miss it. The selfie of you in Newport with the maxi dress….I love that look!!! our face swap kills me lmao

    xo, JJ


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