California: Day 4!

I feel like I’m starting every one of these California posts with “this was the best day” because guys…they all were! I can’t say it enough.

Day 4 was the only day that we didn’t have anything scheduled, so the day was up for grabs. We considered taking the 2(ish) hour drive down to San Diego, but held off. We figured we’d make San Diego it’s own trip 🙂

I did my research and found this place in downtown LA called the Grand Central Market. It reminded me of Union Market in DC.


There were tons of vendors, but we chose a breakfast place called Eggslut. I read online that they had really good breakfast sandwiches but were known for their ‘slut’. This is basically potato puree and egg in an oversized shot glass served with toasted bread for dipping.


Review: We loved it! As for the juice – LA/California in general has fresh juices and smoothie shops on every corner. I couldn’t get enough of these places… so good!

Before lunch time we decided to check out the Hollywood sign. I asked a local what the best spot to see the Hollywood sign was, and they gave me an address. I was so excited to check it out!





We got some lunch at the cafe near where we were staying. I got a quinoa black rice burger with avocado, feta, and cheddar. Soooooo delicious!


We went home for a couple hours then decided to head north to Malibu!

The plan was to drive the PCH, (which is one long highway that runs on some cliffs right up against the ocean) to Malibu to see the sunset, then head to Santa Monica later that night to check out the pier.


Nobu… Brody Jenner where you at?!


My research on ‘best sunset in Malibu’ led me to El Matador State Beach. Unfortunately we realized as we were driving up there, that it was a very overcast-y evening with a slim chance of seeing any type of sunset. I didn’t even care – California is beautiful in all forms.




There were two engagement shoots and a bikini shoot happening within feet from each other… so funny! Had to get a pic…



🙂 ❤



A lot of the time were wearing ridiculous outfits because we were not prepared clothing-wise at all. It was freezing whenever it was cloudy, and every single night! I had packed sundresses…ha!

We wrapped up day four by heading down to Santa Monica before we went home. I was excited to visit the famous Santa Monica pier, and figured night time would be prettiest with all the lights!



We were a little disappointed with the pier because 90% of things were closed. We knew December was off season for tourism, but we figured it would at least stay open year round! Nope. 😦


Santa Monica has a little area called the third street promenade that abuts the pier area. It’s an adorable couple blocks of restaurants and shops! Everything was decorated for Christmas, so of course that made it 500x better 🙂



After a little shopping, we decided to head home for the night. Jet lag was still kicking our butt, and being non stop busy all day didn’t help either! I was loving each place we were exploring more and more.

Tomorrow is day 5! xox

2 thoughts on “California: Day 4!

  1. So jelly about the Santa Monica Pier and Malibu. Ah I think about Union Square market all the time, of course you find something similar, you always find the best things!!! Oh and those burgers definitely look WAYYY better than in and out lol

    xo, JJ


  2. Hahhaha. Eggslut. I would go there just for the name. That’s hilarious. THAT BURGER! Holy smokes, girl. That thing looks like the most delicious food of all time. Ahhh I want to go to Santa Monica pier so bad! It looks like so much fun (besides everything being closed!). Thanks for sharing. I seriously need to get something planned. I am dyiiiing to travel down that way!


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