California – Day 3!

We had such a good day the day before that it was good vibes for the entire rest of the trip. Day 3 we woke up ready for another day of exploring! For this day I knew I wanted to cruise around LA… and take in as much as I could by vehicle. We covered a lot!

We had breakfast a few days at a cute little place down the street from us called Solar de Cahuenga… the coffee was amazing.


Look who I found today!


After breakfast we headed out for the Hollywood Hills…


The landscape/mountains are insane! The houses look like they aren’t meant to be there…



Gwen Stefani’s house… 😉




We headed over to Beverly Hills…



9 year old Brittney watching old school 90210 was in her heaven…

We made our way back and drove through Rodeo Drive. This was beautiful and the store fronts were decked out for Christmas BUT… I think our very own Newbury Street in Boston wins.


Had to take this one for my mom… She’s a Lisa Vanderpump lover…


After a long afternoon of touristy things, we went home for a couple hours of relaxing before we headed over to the Staples Center for a Lakers game!


The whole Staples Center area was lit with Christmas lights and had tons of things going on… it was so pretty!

I was excited for this Lakers game because my boyfriend is a lifelong Lakers fan, and I know how cool it must’ve been to be at the Staples Center. Too bad were post-Kobe era now… *sad face*



Lakers ended up losing but we wouldn’t know because we left a little early. We just COULD NOT adjust to the time difference. 8:45 and we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer… how lame are we?!

This was another long day and we couldn’t wait for our heads to hit the pillow!

2 thoughts on “California – Day 3!

  1. Yes honey I’m a Vanderpump Rules junkie ❤ I wish you went to Sur…her other place. Next time when I'm there 🙂 Love you xo Mum


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