52 Week Challenge: Week 9!

Hi guys! I’m super excited to be back to my regular blogging schedule – I landed in Boston from California at 11 PM last night and here I am sitting at my desk, back at work, by 8 AM.

Paradise only lasts so long, folks. *insert very, very, very sad face*

SO, my California posts will begin tomorrow and I’m warning ya’ll – I have lots of pictures


However, since it’s Friday, I’m linking up with Jenny to share with you our 52 week blog challenge! I was gone for the last one, so I’ll be picking up here. This week we’ll be talking about….

My Biggest Pet Peeve

If you want to share in the fun be sure to tag brittsdailydose.com & sitbackandjustlive.wordpress.com so we can read all of your pet peeves! 😛


This topic makes me laugh because… we all have our pet peeves.

I have pet peeves in my personal life… and one very big work pet peeve.

My NUMBER ONE pet peeve in my work environment begins and ends with this…


I’m in my own office at the bank I work for. I absolutely can not stand when members walk in to the bank, and without any hesitation walk directly in my office and start asking me things, no matter what I’m in the middle of.

Just today, I had my door shut writing a review, and someone walks right in and asks for help. Mind you, there are 6 offices.  I’m not sure if I’d consider it no social manners or a lack of common sense…

-end rant-

As far as pet peeves at home… here are two that I’ve (recently) discovered that I have, ever since living with my boyfriend 😉

1…. Not replacing the trash bag after you’ve taken it out of the trash. Nothing is worse than being mid cooking, cleaning, having messy hands, and no where to throw your trash away.


2… Not putting more water bottles in the refrigerator after you’ve taken the last one. My boyfriend is notorious for this. I swear he just LOOOVESSSS to take the last water bottle and not put any more in. He knows his girlfriend just looooooves warm water bottles.. (sarcasm – mad face).

I would loooooove if you guys commented with your pet peeves – I find this one hilarious!

I’ll be back tomorrow to show day 1 & 2 of my California trip! 😀


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