Weekend Wrap Up! Thanksgiving weekend edition

This is a long one, bare with me y’all – I got a lot to share with ya 🙂

This weekend flew by and that’s just one holiday done for winter 2016. Holidays really are the best time, nothing beats the vibes of this time of year. As much as I say I hate Christmas shopping, the stress, and the TRAFFIC that comes with it… I look forward to this every single year!

I had a nice long 4 day weekend off from work and spent my time seeing everyone that I love! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving with your loved ones and ate all of the best food!

Thanksgiving was Thursday, and we headed to my moms at around 1 o’clock to start eating. We hadn’t eaten all day and we were soooo starving!


Top: Old Navy – Leggings: Zara – Boots: Tory Burch – Necklace: Stella & Dot.

Sorry I had to blur out the background on that one… I changed my outfit 3x and it was a clothes tornado in there. #reallife


All ready to go! Be still, my heart ❤


Mum looking gorgeous next to her masterpiece Tom the turkey 🙂


Hunter also ready to eat…


Apparently in this family we wear burgundy….

instagram: brittneydavidson


So delicious! I’m excited for the day that I’ll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family!


We went to visit little baby Carter after this dinner and fell asleep early in a food coma…

On Friday, I was up early & got breakfast with my friend Kristin who’s leaving to move back to Tampa in a couple days… 😦


I’m tellin ya… I’m on a spinach/mushroom omelette kick these days.

Not long after Kristin left… Jenny came over!

You guys don’t understand how excited I was to see her – I miss having her with me every day!!!! My sisssstttteerrrr ❤

PJ pants all day. Don’t judge the PJ button up 😉


more snuggles…


more snapchat archives!


We decided to get some pizza at a cute little place called Embers and decided on a prosciutto and arugula pizza… words can’t describeeeee, guys.



After eating all day, I was exhausted! I went home and read the majority of you guys blog posts for the remainder of the night! 🙂

Saturday was a good day.

My oldest best friend Nick was home visiting his family for Thanksgiving and I made it a priority to get some time in with him. This man is the keeper of all of my secrets and still loves me anyways… 🙂



We went to a mountain about 20 minutes away to drive to the summit, discovered the summit road was closed, and turned around and checked out a lake. 🙂


I’m going to wrap up this post by saying that the beginning of my California trip just started to show up on weather.com… and… it’s looking good guys, fingers crossed!


I am thankful for so many things in life… the family, friends, and loved ones I surround myself with really are the important things.




2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up! Thanksgiving weekend edition

  1. That picture of us in your mirror, hilarious. I wish I couldve posted the one from “take a picture of me with my legs up” LOL I cannot wait to see all the pictures from your Cali trip via your new camera!!!!!!!! EEEEK

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had a blessed Thanksgiving and I love having my babies with me on the holidays ❤ (and every other day too)…that's what Thanksgiving & Christmas mean to me…love you honey ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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