Weekend Wrap Up!

Happy Monday everyone!

To those like myself who had a long weekend – I feel your Monday blues.

I had a nice three day weekend that included lots of baby love!

On Friday, which was Veteran’s Day, I spent the majority of the day cleaning up the house and cooking. I got some really good sales at Old Navy – Veteran’s Day haul coming soon 😉

Then later that night I had the chance to watch this little bug for the night, and jumped on the opportunity.


Love those big blue eyes of his.

My brother & his girlfriend stopped by for a couple hours… and we were all very entertained by Carter. Even Hunter, who states he’s “never held a baby.” EYE ROLL!


I woke up on Saturday thinking it was Sunday, and was SO happy when I realized I still had another day to sleep in!

Saturday was going to be a busy day.

We had made plans to meet up with Ricky, Tara, and Carter for a food truck festival at our local mountain. It was windy and very, very cold!



More baby snuggles – day 2! Happy Auntie!!!! ❤

If given the option, I will always choose seafood.

I chose clam chowder and oysters from a food truck called Shuck.



After leaving the mountain, we went home to wrap gifts and warm up. Next up – my boyfriends (our 😉 ) nephews 4th & 7th birthday party!

They’ve been obsessed with Ninja Turtles for about three years now…..

Boy things… 🙂


By the time we got home Saturday, we were so exhausted.

On Sunday, I did a whole lot of Sunday-ing.

This includes groceries, errands, and shopping of course. I grabbed a few things at Ulta that I’m excited to show you guys!

Wrapped up the long weekend with some Sunday night football (and yes, Pats loss to Seattle still stings…)

See you guys tomorrow for a quick haul post!


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