52 Week Blog Challenge : Week 4!

What a sweet, sweet morning it is when you realize it’s Friday.

Weekend is almost here guys!

Every Friday I link up with my best friend Jenny for the 52 Week Blog Challenge. I’m super excited becuse today’s topic is

“Top 5 Places I’d Like To Visit”


This might be my favorite post for the entire year because I get to talk all about my favorite thing in the world…… travel! Choosing just 5 is difficult for me, but it’s come down to this:




I think I first fell in love with the country and islands of Thailand when I was a little girl and the TV show Survivor was filmed there. The massive green covered mountains in the midst of crystal clear blue water is absolutely beautiful. I love Thai food and Asian architecture, so this is an absolute must for me!




Ancient Egyptian culture is fascinating to me. I love everything about the lives of ancient pharaohs, the writing, the architecture, it’s incredible! I have a friend from Egypt and I could listen to hours of stories of how things are done in their culture. This is something I musttt experience for myself!



I’ve dreamed about visiting Italy ever since my mom fed me my first rigatoni. Italy holds a lot of culture that explains my heritage, and this will definitely be the next international trip that I take. My plan is to explore Rome, drive to Florence and explore all of the acres of vineyards, and finish my trip along the Amalfi Coast. Ahhh..this is what dreams are made of.



Northern California!

I’m headed out to Los Angeles in about a month (eeeeek!!!) and I cannot wait to explore SoCal. However, I’m anxious to explore Northern Cali as well. The state of California is so big, you could never do it all in one trip. Big Sur, San Fran, and the Redwood forest are only a few things in the long list of beautiful things to see!

last but not least, 5.



Of all the major Asian countries, Japan peaks my interest the most. I’d love to start the trip by exploring the city of Toyko and all that it has to offer, and end the trip in the countryside of Japan.

I could go on and on about destinations that are on my bucket list, and maybe one day I shall… 🙂

Next week we’ll be talking about one of my favorites – holidays!

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