Where Have I Been?!

I went a little MIA these past couple weeks – I had a million things going on.

To sum it up…

One of my close friends got married Wednesday, October 26th.

Prior to, we had a bachelorette…


We went to Mohegan Sun to celebrate and had so much fun!



Then it was the wedding day! 😀


Love this dress… I bought it last fall from Zara.


What a beautiful family… love that bride 😉

Then… October 29th was my little brother Hunter’s 19th birthday!

We went to a delicious local Italian restaurant called Cristina’s & feasted on homemade pasta and fresh baked bread. My favoriteeeeeeeeeeeee.


Had to put this one up because Mum looks so pretty. 🙂

Don’t mind the birthday boys face….

So then his cake tipped in the car… and Mom fixed it, as always 🙂



 I can’t believe he’s 19… I feel like I was just 19… I feel like he was just 6!

Time flies as you get older and it is SCARY guys!

Last event of October was Halloween

Halloween was low-key this year compared to Halloween’s past and consisted of a lot of baby snuggles:



However… at work Halloween morning, I walked in as New England’s very favorite Tom Brady.

Instantly I realized that my entire staff was dressed as zombies. They coordinated a zombie themed day and I had no idea!

These chicks forced me to participate and I ended up like this….


Ahhh! I could not WAIT to wash that paint off my face!!!!

All my events are done now, so on to November and regular schedules.

Tomorrow Jenny and I will be talking about our future bucket list trips…stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?!

  1. Yes Mama Teresa to the rescue! Aww thanks for the compliment honey and, lastly, I loved your burgundy dress xoxo you looked beautiful as always xoxox Love you ❤


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