52 Week Blog Challenge : Week 1

TGIF and HAPPY FRIDAY y’all! The best day of the week! I was really excited when I found this 52 Week Blog Challenge!

Every Friday, Jenny and I will link up to complete the challenge for you!


Week one is “Meet My Best Friend” and that is so exciting!

You guys can meet my best friend Jenny here!


Jenny is a mid-twenties petite little Virgo girl living and working in the corporate world of Boston, MA. She moved away from me about a year ago, but I like to think that hasn’t changed anything. She’s my go to, and holds every secret that I have in life. Guess she can’t get away from me now?

Now let me get into a little bit of our friendship that has turned into something closer to sisterhood

Jenny and I met in early 2012, while working part-time college jobs at Macy’s. (Side note – I was working in the jewelry department, and Jenny was working in the makeup dept. Some things never change 😉 )

Our first selfie together! ( 2012)


One thing about Jenny that i’ll forever be grateful for is that she goes to all the events with me that I don’t want to go alone. That’s a best friend y’all!



Above is a charity dinner & a baby shower that I needed a partner in crime for 🙂 Half the time she agrees without knowing what she’s getting into and that’s love, friends.

Travel is the key to our hearts. Anywhere, everywhere, take us with you.

Martha’s Vineyard 2014, 2015, & 2016 ❤






Things Jenny Likes:

  • Eating – all types of food. *especially pho & Asian food.
  • Shopping – notably Target trips.
  • Cooking together – especially when I cook for her 😉
  • Sunflowers
  • Pear shaped diamonds & everything blingin’
  • Traveling anywhere & everywhere.
  • Texting all day every day – isn’t this what all long distance best friends do?
  • Massages, her sister Kathy is the best!
  • Perfect nail polish… This girl will re-paint her nails three times in a week if she feels they aren’t perfect…
  • Khloe Kardashian’s hair … body …

Things Jenny DOESN’T Like:

  • Mushrooms
  • Seeing people we know from high school & haven’t spoken to in years…
  • New Hampshire drivers.
  • Rowdy, loud people.
  • Flat hair
  • Chipped Nails
  • Getting heat exhaustion
  • Being pale

Most of these apply to myself as well. We have the same taste in nearly everything, which makes life a lot easier 🙂

If you could get her anything what would it be?   A big, beautiful house in McKinney, TX…right next door to me.

Whats her favorite food? If you knew this girl, you’d know this is a hard one to answer. I’d have to say a couple things… Oysters, (our) chili, pizza, sushi, and our favorite little restaurant, Taste of Vietnam.

What do you see for her future?  I see her happily married (likely to Andrew) with beautiful little half Korean babies. She says she only wants one, we’ll see how long that lasts. We’ll be raising our kids together in our cul-de-sac neighborhood and enjoying Starbucks trips every morning.

What’s your next trip together? I’m planning a Europe trip! I need this one next to me for the experience… AND i’m pretty sure a selfie at the Trevi Fountains is on her bucket list, so I’m using that as my bargaining chip. I don’t think I’ll have to try too hard 😉



LOL! Who’s who?


True friendship is a rare, rare thing & I feel very blessed to have her to live life with me. When you have been through as much as we’ve been through together, nothing can take that away ❤


Go check out her blog to meet her best friend! 😉 sitbackandjustlive.

2 thoughts on “52 Week Blog Challenge : Week 1

  1. other than the face swap (you know how I feel about those), I love all the pics of you two and everything is so on point about Jenny!!!! I love it 🙂 xo Mum


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