Travels: Washington, DC – Day 3

We woke up Sunday morning, excited for another busy day of checking out what the city has to offer!

We went to Saison Wafel Bar again for breakfast, guys, I just cannot pass up that waffle.

After finishing our coffee, we set out for the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. This was both of our favorite museum in the city. They had an exhibit of mock life sized animals, from all climates and countries. This was so cool!


My favorite exhibit was the gemstone (of course). 🙂 Below is the Hope Diamond, along with some diamond earrings worn by Marie Antoinette!

The gold exhibit was pretty cool too!




Incase you ever wanted to know what I’d look like as a pre-historic homosapien…


After leaving the Museum of Natural History, we headed over to the National Archives to see the Constitution and all those important documents ;). Unfortunately, there was absolutely no photography allowed, so I have no pictures from here.

Ultimate Washington, DC tourist bucket list item next – The White House!


I couldn’t believe how close they let you get! Also – the White house is a lot smaller than you’d imagine.


It was 101 degrees and full sun this day.

We went back to the hotel for a couple hours of relaxation before heading to dinner. My boyfriend told me we could “go anywhere I wanted” for dinner – this is magic to my ears, guys.

When given the choice, I will always choose Italian food. I searched reviews for quite a while, and decided on Acqua Al 2. This is the sister location to the original restaurant in Florence, Italy and is run by two brothers. I read that it supposedly had the best homemade pasta in the city, and I was sold – we had reservations for 6:30.

I ordered a homemade ragù alla bolognese – or meat sauce. Friends, this was DELICIOUS, and the ambiance of the old school Italian hole-in-the-wall restaurant was incredible.


Last stop of the night – something sweet. I searched Yelp for the “best ice cream in Washington, DC” and found a little place called Thomas Sweet.


To end the night we took a walk over to the World War II Memorial, and lit up at night – this is breathtaking.


This wraps up our third and final full day in the city.

We headed home the next day around noon. I miss this city already, had the BEST time, and cannot wait to be back!




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