Travels: Washington, DC – Day 2

We woke up early the next morning ready to get the day going, because we knew how much we had planned.

Conveniently, right across the street from our hotel was Union Market, which is basically an awesome building of 20+ local food vendors serving breakfast through dinner.


We decided to indulge in Saison Wafel Bar, which is quite possibly the best Belgian waffle I’ve ever had. On this morning, I got the eggs and bacon version.

After breakfast, we took an uber to the United States Holocaust Museum. This truly is a once in a lifetime experience and some of the things we saw there were chilling. Below is an authentic Nazi uniform along with the actual door of one of the gas chambers. So awful.

We left the Holocaust Museum and headed over to the Smithsonian National Zoo. It was very hot out, so we went through the park quickly and didn’t get to enjoy the zoo to the fullest.


We grabbed lunch at a cute English pub inspired brunch spot across the street called Duke’s Counter.


After a busy morning, we decided to head back to the hotel for a little break. On the way back, we bumped into the love wall!



After relaxing for a few hours, we figured we’d head over to what’s called the National Mall. This is a stretch of area that has the National monuments, along with reflecting pools.


In front of the Washington Monument and reflecting pool. 🙂


The Lincoln Memorial is so much bigger than you’d imagine!



I could take pictures of this city forever…

To wrap up the night, I booked a sunset cruise along the Potomac River. We met at the waterfront of the picturesque Georgetown neighborhood of DC. The next time I go, I’ll need to explore Georgetown more.


I had so much fun on Day 2! This city has so much to do and guys – all the museums are free!

Day 3 tomorrow!

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