Travels: Washington, DC – Day 1

The first thing you have to know about me is that my heart is at it’s fullest when I’m traveling. Nothing gives me the sense of adventure and freedom like exploring somewhere I’ve never been. On occasion, you’ll find a city or a country that makes you feel like you’ve spent time there before, even if it’s somewhere you’ve never been. I rediscovered that feeling when I arrived in Washington, DC.

My boyfriend knows me well, and he knows the best form of gift to me is a weekend away. He got us this weekend away knowing DC is somewhere we’ve both never visited, so we were anxious to get going. We headed out at 7AM ready for our 7 hour drive!


The drive wasn’t too bad. I got away with being the passenger for about 75% of the time. *Insert happy face here*

The first thing we did once we arrived to DC was check into our hotel, and head out to see what we could explore within walking distance. I must say, DC is absolutely beautiful. It reminds me a lot of Boston.


We walked for hours this afternoon in the 95 degree August heat and quickly realized Uber would be our best friend. We decided to get something to eat during our walk so we stopped at this beautiful place:


Union Station! Inside there were many options for places to eat but we settled on something we can’t get at home, Shake Shack.


On our way home, we walked by the Capitol Building. This building lit up at night was one of the most beautiful things in the city! I’m not going to lie… these views made me feel very Olivia Pope ;).


We were exhausted from the long drive so we wrapped up our walk for the night and headed back to the hotel to get some sleep.

Stay tuned for Day 2 of DC post tomorrow, this was my favorite day there!

2 thoughts on “Travels: Washington, DC – Day 1

  1. To my beautiful daughter, Brittney Paige. I’m happy you’re finally following your dream of lifestyle blogging (you’ve been talking about it for a very long time.) I can’t wait to see your passions and talents come to life for everyone to see! Have fun my sweet girl and I hope everyone enjoys “Britt’s Daily Dose” as much as I do. xoxo your #1 fan “Mumma”


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